Our Services

We provide services designed to accelerate the pace of your corporate transaction regardless of complexity, industry, geography or size.

Structured Trade Finance Advisory Services

■   Prepayments and Pre-export financing

■   Extended / deferred payment terms

■   Discounting / reverse-discounting

■   Balance Sheet Optimisation

■   Reserve Based Lending

■   Tolling / processing arrangements

Evaluating Project Economics

■   Supporting deal origination and business development

■   Returns analysis using NPV, IRR, Discounting Payback

■   Capital structure optimisation incorporating legal and tax structuring advice

■   Screening/assessing greenfield and brownfield deal opportunities according to client’s desired parameters

■   Negotiating termsheets and other commercial agreements

■   Estimating buyer/seller/JV partner pricing objectives and thresholds

■   Reverse engineering key assumptions required to meet return hurdles

■   Coordinating transaction documentation review and negotiation in consultation with legal advisers

■   Post-deal integration and monitoring

Financial Modelling

■   Developing, running, modifying complex financial models in preparation of M&A and capital raising transactions

■   Returns analysis using NPV, IRR, ROIC

■   Financial projection preparation

■   Scenario and sensitivity analysis

■   Debt and equity modelling

Arranging Bank Financing

■   Analysing competing financial proposals received and recommending the optimal financing solution based on debt, shareholder loans, equity, etc.

■   Preparing information for release to client’s potential financing providers, including an information memorandum, draft termsheet and loan/security agreements

■   Assist in closing financing agreements in consultation with client’s legal advisers

Due Diligence Process

■   Deal timetable management

■   Virtual data room

■   Q&A management

■   Incorporation of due diligence findings into financial model

■   Coordinating due diligence and structuring in consultation with specialist advisers

Business Valuation Services

■   Income approach / discounted cash flow (DCF)

■   Market approach / comparable companies and precedent transactions

■   Asset approach / NAV

■   Industry-specific benchmarks approach